Blockchain Platform with

Orichalcos is a blockchain platform with self-stabilizing property governance
that can be used in areas that require asset management and incentive granting like games.

Orichalcos has dual chains that is fast to deal with large decent providers and consumers transactions while remaining committed to decentralization.

It is an integrated permissioned blockchain platform that combines with Ethereum blockchain for security, scalability and energy efficiency at a low cost.

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  • - Provide profit based on service utilization results
  • - Produce and supply photos, music and posts to make money.
  • - Provides additional profits by trading contents in asset auctions
  • - Expand your network and receive incentives through the platform


  • - Provide your project instantly with the Orichalcos solution.
  • - Provide precise user intelligence
  • - Provide an integrated environment with community, social and user targeting technology
  • - And an additional technical support is available.


ORIC STONE is the return on transactions and activities that take place on the Orichalcos platform.
It can be used inside the platform or be exchanged to ORIC Token at the built-in exchange.


This is a stable coin that is paid as a reward for productive activities such as playing games, producing and selling contents. In Orichalcos platform, all transactions of ORIC Stone are processed accurately and quickly at low cost.


It is an ERC-20 based token issued on Ethereum. It can be distributed to external exchanges and converted into legal currency. It can be converted to ORIC STONE, paid for on the platform, too. It is designed to respond to users who want to use instant services rather than contribute to the platform.


OVW is a wallet dApp that can securely store, transmit, and receive cryptocurrency. It is a hybrid wallet that supports crypto-asset status and transaction, social activities as well as functions such as tracking cryptocurrency balance and calculation of transaction fee automatically.

Token Distribution

To accomplish our goal we will issue and distribute a total of 1.0 bln ORIC tokens. The funds raised will be used to develop the platform, marketing, partnerships, and bounties.If you wish to purchase ORIC token with fiat currency, you have to purchase Ethereum (ETH) first and follow the instructions for identifying the ERC-20 wallet address.


Use of Proceed

In order to make the ORIC token distribution process more efficient, the price of ORIC is fixed to USD. Before the stage of sales begins, we will announce the price of ETH pegged to USD :

Hardcap : 40M USD

Supply : 1B ORIC Token

Price : 1 ORIC Token=0.12 US$